Shatter Vape Pen Canada

Shatter Vape Pen Canada – Operation, Dosage and Where to Buy

Shatter Vape Pen CanadaDab pens are a wonderful way to smoke shatter. They have the appearance of a vape pen but work like a dab rig. This makes it much more practical and less intimidating for the average person to consume shatter. There are many different brands, styles, flavours, consistencies and dosages out there. Picking out the best for you starts with knowing some information and finding out what your personal preferences are.

How to Choose a Dab Rig – Test the Draw to Make Sure its Right for You

Firstly, you will want to make sure that your dab rig has the best draw for what you are able to consume. When considering this you also want to make sure that the type of shatter meets your dosage needs. CBD shatter is far less common than THC shatter. 

THC, CBD and Full Spectrum Cannabis – Marijuana Potency and Effectiveness

You can get full spectrum THC or CBD. Full-spectrum means you get all of the cannabinoids in the plant, whereas some extraction methods miss out on this. Full-spectrum cannabis is best because you get the most “entourage effect’. This means, the cannabis is most effective.

THC, CBD and Hybrids: What Kind of Weed Do I Need? – What is Shatter and its Extraction Methods

Like CBD, THC and hybrids are also readily available. Marijuana strains come in sativa and indica. Sativa works on relieving psychological issues and indica works on physical issues. A hybrid will give you the best of both worlds. Some hybrids are more sativa or indica dominant.

Shatter is a marijuana concentrate that is developed from an extraction process. CBD and or THC is extracted from the plant via different methods such as:

  • C02
  • Butane / Propane
  • Distilled through alcohol (high proof, like Everclear)
  • Solvent-free crystalline (hash / hashish)
  • Pressure (Rosin, resin and kief)

How to Use a Shatter Vape Pen Canada – Dosing and How Long Does it Take to Work?

Now that you know some of the basics about the different kinds of CBD and THC shatter cannabis lets look at some more specific information. Dab rigs work by heating up the shatter inside an open chamber of a dab rig. The heat contact turns the shatter into smoke, which is then inhaled. The effect is nearly instant. It is potent and it is righteous. When you use a dab pen or dab rig, the effects last much longer than when smoking flower. Instead of 15-30 mins for a regular smoker, dabbing can last for an hour or more.

There are many dab rigs to choose from. Some are very basic and some get quite creative (and expensive). You can use any kind of shatter in a dab rig. Each type of shatter has a different effect. CBD helps with medical conditions such as headaches, pain, depression and many more. THC can be used for pain and mood but is generally enjoyed as a recreational device.

Shatter Vape Pen Canada / Dab Rig – Buy Weed Online

Shatter vape pen Canadanow that you have the information you need to give shatter a try, we are here to help you with any questions. Whether you are looking for relief of a medical condition or for recreational purposes, our selection is sure to please. You can buy shatter online right now. Have a question or need help? Our friendly, knowledgable staff are a click away. If you prefer flower, we have weed vape pens as well. Our best sellers are weed vape pens and carts, so be sure to check those out. Head over to the shop and place an order today!


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