BC Trees

With over 20 years of craft quality BC Cannabis production, our experience has led to the conclusion that organic production yields the highest grade terpene profiles and medicinal properties.

We are proud to offer you a broad range of products depending on your needs and preferences, choose from, C02 oil available in our custom vape pens & cartridges, as well as Cannabis oil drops and skin products.

“Hey BC Trees Fans, we have formed a great partnership with Phatnug.com. This means that phatnug will be the place to get all the latest BC Trees flavours and products. We are the micro brew of the high end cannabis vape pens. This means we’re always coming out with seasonal flavours and limited run products. We love feed back so please leave us a review and check back often to see our latest offerings.”

 – BC Trees Team

BC Trees - Indica & Sativa THC Vapes

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