Abraxas Hash

Amsterdam Imported Hashish

Abraxas Hash has landed!  Named after the ever popular Abraxas Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.  This blonde variation is very similar to our Bulldog Hash, however, they could not be more different as well!  This green gold brick most definitely has what it takes to satisfy all your "hashy" needs!

"Abraxas Hash is smooth, creamy-like, and wonderfully balanced..."

This green baby is very soft and workable.  Excellent for adding into joints or smoked on it's own.  The resin of this Abraxas Hash has been wonderfully retained throughout it's production, hence it's olive green complexion.  The floral aroma of this hash is very pronounced.  Notes of spice and earth are also present.  If you are looking for a has that will provide a balanced experience without being too harsh then look no further.  Abraxas Hash is smooth, creamy-like, and wonderfully balanced.  Great for beginners and experienced users alike.

- Additional Information -

Smell: Floral, Earthy, Herbal

Taste: Herbal, Smooth, Mild

Consistency: Very Soft and Malleable

Effect: Strong Cerebral, Relaxation