Alice in Wonderland (Smalls)

85/15 Sativa Hybrid


Wow wow wow!  We wanted to do something extra special for our Phatnug Family this month, hopefully you will like it!  We understand that things have been very tough for most of us this year.  There does not seem to be an end in sight, but still, things are what we make of them.  We are hoping to turn a very strange year into something brighter.  With our new $99/oz release of Alice in Wonderland (Smalls), this is a message of love from us to everyone out there.  Stay calm, smoke on!

Alice in Wonderland or AIW for short.  Sativa lovers are no strangers to this widely recognized psychedelic sativa strain, and for good reason too.  Alice in Wonderland's parentage is surprisingly unknown for the most part.  It is said, however, to be crossed from Willy's Wonder which is a mostly unverified claim.  We want to talk about how such a euphoric strain has received it's praise though, as we are sure that's why you are here too.

15% - 23% THC - Daytime Strain

Alice in Wonderland Smalls boasts itself to a 15%-23% THC level, which is higher than your average flower.  This amount of THC makes it the perfect strain for creative activities, nature intakes, and therapeutic needs.  Beautiful meadow green nugs, complimented by it's abnormal amount of orange hairs, and loaded with crystalline trichromes back the potency claim from a physical stand-point.  This wonky strain exudes a very floral aroma with hints of berries and ammonia which sharply pierces the olfactories.  The fruity taste will definitely have your little taste buds craving more after every puff.  One should prepare to head off into Wonderland with it's sensory overload.  The highest of happy highs are followed by the lowest of heavy, locking, lows.  Constantly fluctuating between the two state of minds will have some questioning whether they've truly gone mad (hatter).

Alice in Wonderland Smalls, as stated above, is the strain you want for a multitude of brain buzzing activities.  It is also very useful for treating depression, stress, and fatigue.  As with all flowers, we highly recommend caution and starting your doses low.  It is only here for a short while and we don't know when we'll be getting it again.  Don't be late to the tea party!

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Flavors: Earthy, Flower, Fruity, Ammonia

Effects: Focused, Euphoric, Creative, Energetic, Relaxed

Medical: Stress, Depression, Fatigue