Ayahuasca Purple

70/30 Indica Hybrid

Another rare strain graces us with it's presence.  Introducing Ayahuasca Purple.  This seldom seen indica hybrid was created through a cross between the well-known strains, Master Kush and Red River Delta.  If you are familiar with the world of psychedelics, then you will no doubt know what Ayahuasca is.  In short, Ayahuasca is a brew or tea which has been traditionally used for spiritual or religious enlightenment throughout parts of South America.  This brew is able to induce an altered state of consciousness within it's user.  We won't get into all that nitty gritty here, but the strain, Ayahuasca Purple has been named as such for a good reason!

Beautifully bred and trichrome heavy!  Ayahuasca Purple immediately stands out with it's big, fluffy, dark green nugs with bits of purple spots sprinkled about.  Dark orange hairs peak out underneath the coating of trichromes, truly a gorgeous looking strain!  The aromas released by Ayahuasca Purple is nothing short of spectacular.  Varied and delicious scents of tropical fruits, citrus, and earth are highlighted through it's sharp pungency.  Mouthwatering flavours of fruits are noticeable throughout it's smoke and boy is it ever refreshing!

21% THC / 2% CBD - Nighttime Strain

Ayahuasca Purple was named as such due to it's unmatched ability to provide a deep relaxation AND truly vivid bouts of creativity to it's users.  You may almost not feel like the same person after smoking this strain.  A cerebral onset starts everything off which continues to build in strength until it is released in a burst of colourful euphoria.  This is followed by it's indica traits of a physical buzz and a lull into sleep.  Of course, your experience may differ.  Some users report great sociability, others, a heavy sedation.  One thing is certain, this Ayahuasca Purple has the gusto to become a true classic!

Users looking to treat conditions such as insomnia, stress, depression, ADHD, appettite loss, and anxiety should definitely look to Ayahuasca Purple for effective treatment.  There are reports of about 1% - 2% CBD present within this strain and so that is why it must be so effective in treating of such conditions.  Veteran or beginners alike will find Ayahuasca Purple THE strain to smoke.  Enjoy your trip!

- Additional Information -

Flavors: Pungent, Fruits, Citrus, Earth

Effects: Relaxed, Creative, Euphoric, Sleepy, Happy

Medical: Insomnia, Stress, Depression, ADHD, Appetite, Anxiety