Blazed – Moonrocks

"Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, lighters on."  Blazed Moonrocks joins the roster and in glorious fashion!  These potent green nuggets from space are very deserving of their namesake. Like any great story, Moonrocks are comprised of a beginning, a middle, and an end, only their words are spoken in terms of the purest forms of cannabis.  A gram of the finest strain, dipped into concentrated hash oil, which is then completed by being rolled into a field of kief (crystal trichromes and cannbinoids).   Breathtaking!  Now this is a tale that we could listen to anytime!  "Planet Earth is green and there's so much to be seen!"

Each jar of Blazed Moonrocks contains:

- 1g of Girl Scout Cookies

- Rolled in pure hash oil concentrate

- Finished in a layer of Death Bubba kief



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