Bubba OG

80/20 Indica Hybrid

My name is Original B.  But people call me Bubba OG.

Hailing from our very own hometown of Canada, Bubba OG is an absolute must-smoke for the hybrid lovers.  Developed in the 90's by Greenthumb Seeds through the crossing of Bubba Kush & Ghost OG.  This hybrid strain is the perfect choice for those looking to lower their stress levels and alleviate pain without being too stoned to function.

Presenting users with small to medium sized flowers which a chunky and leafy appearance.  Bubba OG has that typical look that one would find with many others like it.  The buds themselves appear as a bright shade of meadow green, with bits of orange hairs hanging about.  The aroma of Bubba OG is not quite what you'd expect either.  The notes consist of sweet berries mixed with sharp hashish.  It is very unlike the pungent earthy scents of indica strains that we are all accustomed to.

22% THC - Nighttime Strain

Bubba OG hits at all the right places when it comes to it's potency.  22% THC levels are more than enough to provide it's users with a very fun and enjoyable smoking experience.  Be careful of the harshness though!

Users may feel a blanketing buzz which envelopes the body.  The feeling of being weighted down will inevitably lead into a relaxed physical state.  One thing that sets itself apart from the usual indica effects would be the presence of a mellow, happy vibe during the sedation.

We highly (ha!) recommend smoking Bubba OG with friends or family due to these effects!  You'll definitely want to have some fun activities laid out for this one as well.

The medicinal usages of Bubba OG cannot be understated.  As you could tell from it's effects, this strain excels in helping users de-stress after a long day as well as addressing pain and aches.  It's mood-altering effects may also be useful for aiding with symptoms of depression and paranoia.

We do recommend that you start slow, as too much in one session may lead into couch-lock and can catch you by surprise if you are not expecting it.  Other than that, Bubba OG is a great strain that has many fun uses when properly used.  Get out there and enjoy that Vitamin D!

- Additional Information -

Flavours: Sweet, Pine, Berry, Hash

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxed, Focused, Sedated

Medical: Stress, Paranoia, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Aches


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