CBD Lily – Joints (0.7g)

We were taking a look at our inventory and wondered, "what are we missing?"  Well, we are missing so much of what the incredibly creative and innovative people and companies have to give.  We would love to have absolutely everything the industry has to offer!  But everybody has to start somewhere and we felt a nice addition that we could realistically start with were CBD strains.

Introducing, CBD Lily AKA Piña Colada!  As the name suggests, CBD Lily is a CBD-dominant strain with slight yet very welcoming, sativa effects.  In fact, CBD Lily serves smokers with a generous 3:1 CBD:THC ratio.  When smoking strains high in CBD, one should not expect to feel the conventional intoxication that you would normally get from inhaling heavy indica strains.  CBD Lily is no exception.  It will not provide users with any overwhelming "highs".  Instead, users will feel a light calming euphoria where they are in control at all times.  On top on it's mental clarity, this strain also has the capability to act as an alternative medicine to treat a variety of physical and psychological ailments with great effect.

CBD Lily is a cross between the more obscure strains - Congo IBL and Queen Mother.  The low amount of THC (~4-8%) is overshadowed by it's very high CBD potency (12-15%) and that reason alone makes this option viable for many people specifically looking to medicate.  The buds of CBD Lily contain sweet, tropical flavours which are very pronounced on the first few puffs.  The spade nugs themselves are coloured with all different shades of green - from bright neon to mossy brown green.  We will post up the photos for references!  We truly hope that those looking for CBD strains will find CBD Lily to their liking.  Enjoy!


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1 review for CBD Lily – Joints (0.7g)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was very curious to try these, and they did not disappoint. Great idea to offer cbd joints at this time, PhatNug, and great choice of strain too! I think this is a good proportion of cbd:thc. Mild effects, like the nice product description states, but it did the trick and was a pleasant smoke. I’ll pick up a couple more for sure!