Cronos Hash

Afghani Imported Hashish

Do we have any hash fans in the house?  Then you will absolutely enjoy this beauty.  How about Mazar Sharif fans?  Then you will absolutely LOVE this!  Cronos Hash is the newest addition to our blossoming collection of fine extracts.  Imported straight from Afghanistan and pressed to perfection, this delicacy is every bit of what you would expect to find from high quality hashish.

"Cronos Hash is as hard as a rock, and hits like one too..."

This batch carries the same herbal scent that you would usually find in Afghani imports such as Afghan Hash.  An aroma like this is a telltale sign that it was made with plenty of love.  Cronos Hash is as hard as a rock, and hits like one too!  The dark brick excels in giving it's users a heavy body experience unlike any other.  The effects are quite sedative and should be mindfully dosed out beforehand.  Perfect for adding into joints or dabbed!   Experience the power of nature's time machine, Cronos Hash!

- Additional Information -

Smell: Herbal, Aromatic, Spicy

Taste: Bold, Herbal, Spicy

Consistency: Very Hard

Effect: Strong body, Cerebral, Relaxation