Designer THC Chocolates (150mg)

High Class Edibles

Well, well, well..  It was only a matter of time until somebody thought of this one.  Designer THC Chocolates!  Branded to look just like their real-life counterparts in all it's prestigious glory, but with an obvious twist.  With these stylish edibles, you can not only look high class, but quite literally FEEL high (class)!  We love the approach, but more importantly, each delicious flavour of Designer THC Chocolates are made of 100% Belgian chocolate and also provides a very fun and enjoyable experience!

Designer Hand-Bars

Great-tasting and varied flavours aside, each Designer THC Chocolate contains 150mg worth of THC!  You will not have to worry about differing strengths depending on flavour here.   Designer THC Chocolates are also a fun gift that you can share with that special someone and without breaking the bank.  See if they can name them all!


We do not take responsibility for any disappointments and subsequent beatings due to not being the actual thing... Have fun!

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150mg total per pack

  • Burberry - Hazelnut
  • LV Brown - Almond
  • Chanel - Cookies & Cream
  • Fendi - Pretzel
  • Goyard - Blueberry
  • Gucci - Milk Chocolate
  • Off White - White Chocolate
  • LV Red Supreme - Strawberry
  • LV White Multicolore - Birthday Cake
  • Versace - S'mores