Diamond Hash

Smokes Good, Hits Harder

Diamond Hash is the newest addition to our hash collection.  This hash resembles the well-known Afghani types and smokes just as good!  Diamond Hash, much like it's rocky (minerals, Marie!) counter-part will be a treasure that any past, present, and future hash-head must try!

"Quick to hit, long lasting, and just pure fun!"

Though Diamond Hash is not as soft as it's Afghani cousins, she is every bit as powerful and enjoyable to smoke.  It is not so hard as to crumble in your hands and so will require a bit of craftiness to work with.  Expect an ever pleasing herbal scent with just the tiniest tad of spice mixed together.  Nevertheless, Diamond Hash will excel in providing it's users with an exceptional smoking experience.  Quick to hit, long lasting, and just pure fun!  A solid choice for smokers of any level of expertise.

- Additional Information -

Smell: Herbal, Spice

Taste: Herbal, Mild

Consistency: Quite Hard, Malleable

Effect: Smooth Cerebral, Strong Relaxation