Eu4ia Extractions – Shatter Bars (250mg)

Wow!  Shatter chocolate?!  That's right!  We have stumbled upon the 'Golden Egg' of cannabis innovation and we are even more excited to be sharing it with you!  Introducing Eu4ia (Euphoria) Extractions' very own, Shatter Bars.  You thought you've seen it all?  Well, you have not seen the likes of this absolute MONSTER  of an edible before.  Shatter, dipped in chocolate, ready to eat.  Simple and to the point.  Eu4ia Extractions has gone ahead and achieved what we were all thinking of.  Their Shatter Bars and jam packed with loads of tasty treats and we have brought 3 different flavours for the brave person to try!

This is an edible that everyone can truly enjoy.   24 pieces of mouth-watering flavours set the mood before the storm kicks your body and mind into high gear.  The lab tested, full spectrum extract brings over 250mg of potent THC per bar.  You can be sure that this treat will last for a while in your fridge.  So share with your friends, enjoy the experience, and as always, please consume your edibles responsibly! 

Tolerance may vary.  Consider eating 1 square of infused chocolate and waiting up to 2 hours to feel it's effects, before consuming more.  The experience may last for several hours.

Flavours (Please choose carefully!):

Milk Chocolate  - Sativa

Cookies & Green - Sativa - Great White Shark

Toffee Crunch - Sativa - Great White Shark


1 bar of Shatter Bars contains 24 individual pieces

Each piece contains 10.4mg of THC




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