Farm & Florist THC Maple Syrup

THC infused maple syrup.  A soon to be Canadian classic!  Drizzle it on top of fresh fruit, serve it with Sunday brunch, or simply add a teaspoon to your morning coffee.   This infused maple syrup is the perfect addition to your dishes and desserts. With a high mineral count, many beneficial antioxidants, and an unmatched flavour. THC Maple Syrup has earned its spot as one of Canada’s sweetest staple foods.  Compliments well with the other F&F products.

Each 118mL bottle contains: 72mg of THC, 9mg of THC per tsp

Start low: A standard serving size is set at 1 TBL of THC distillate.

Be patient: Effects may take up to 2 hours to be noticeable.

Be responsible: Do not operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery while under the influence.  Not intended for use by those under the age of 19.  Keep out of reach of children.

*Shake well before use!*


Ingredients: 100% Organic maple syrup, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) distillate

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