Freezeland (Outdoors)

50/50 True Hybrid


This is a name that we have not heard in a little while.  Here comes Freezeland!  This breed is an outdoor grow coming in from Quebec and she's got some bang.  A cross between the strains Friesland and Pluton, expect a very smooth, and clean high that can be enjoyed during any time of your day.

Freezeland buds don the same elongated and leafy look similar to some of our past strains such as Red Congolese or SeaWarp.  In addition, coating the pickle coloured leaves are thin layers of frosty trichromes.   The scents released by this strain are citrusy and with a hint of pine, unexpected but very welcome!

17% THC - All Day Strain

Freezeland provides it's users with a mellow, yet smooth experience.  The smoke is not very rough and you will barely notice the body buzz that hits you during the exhale.  Uplifting euphoria and a sense of happiness follow up soon afterwards.  Freezeland is not weak nor is it incredibly potent, it is about as perfect of a strength that one would want for an all-day smoke. Users that are looking to relieve daily tension, chronic pain, depression, and stress should look to Freezeland in helping to alleviate symptoms.  Just smoke, and let it go!

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Flavors: Citrus, Pine, Woody

Effects: Body Buzz, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting, Relaxed

Medical: Tension, Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress, Headaches