Golden Tears

Our friends over at Golden Coast Distillates have produced an incredible clear THC distillate for ORAL USE ONLY. You cannot dab this folks, so please do not attempt. Golden Tears (300mg THC) is infused with MCT Oil distilled Phoenix Tears and has no taste or colour. Add this to your coffee, tea or cold beverages. Ideal for patients suffering from pain, seizures, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, cancer treatment, arthritis and headaches.

Clear THC distillate from Golden Coast Distillates: 300mg THC for ORAL USE ONLY. DO NOT DAB!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Solvent free cannabis distillate oil is made using a process called fractional distillation: using precisely controlled temperatures to extract individual cannabinoids or terpenes; the compounds are extracted and collected, appearing translucent in appearance. It is available in raw form resulting in a neutral smell and taste, or infused with natural flavours and terpenes.

300mg Gold Coast Distillate (Golden Tears)

For oral use only. 30mg of THC per ml.

WARNING! DO NOT DAB! This product is not "dabble". Do not attempt.

Infused with MCT Oil distilled Phoenix Tears

Can be safely applied on coffee, tea, drinks, beverages.