Granddaddy Purple

70/30 Indica Hybrid

"What's that now, Sonny?  You want to say hi?"  No!  We want to get high!  And get high you will.  Here comes the grand old-timer itself and in all it's majestic glory, Granddaddy Purple.  One of the most recognized strains throughout the cannabis world.  This indica hybrid has finally been found and will be available for a limited time only!

Created in the early 2000's through a crossing between Purple Urkle & Big Bud.  We can definitely see that the genetics of Granddaddy Purple remain strong almost 20 years after it's conception.  Big (and we mean BIG), dense, and beefy nugs of this veteran strain is adorned with hues of shaded green and brightly coloured orange hairs.  The coating of crystal-white trichromes is almost heavy enough to be mistaken for a beard (almost)!  Expect a pungent aroma of spice and earth with just the right amount of sweetness mixed in to greet you when opening your baggie.

27% THC - Nighttime Strain

Besides it's charming good looks, Grandaddy Purple is known more for it's strong, slightly numbing, milky-smooth effects.  Perfectly suited for nighttime usage due to it's ability to induce a strong body-buzz and potent relaxing of the muscles which will have you coming back for more until it's all gone!  Some users report a feeling of floating.  Others feel like they are "tripping" as the aforementioned effects build up into a crescendo of psychedelic bliss.

Back in gramp's days, they smoked for peace and love!  Times have changed and now the medical usage of cannabis is all too apparent.  When it comes to these medicinal benefits, Granddaddy Purple knows exactly what it's doing on that front too.  Chronic pains, spasms, insomnia, appetite loss is a thing of the past.  That's just listing a few too.  Whether you are looking for a great smoke to alleviate your physical symptoms, or if you are simply looking for some "dank" to smoke for recreation.  Granddaddy Purple is one of the bests in the business and is a MUST try!

- Additional Information -

Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Sweet, Berry

Effects: Cerebral, Euphoric, Hungry, Relaxing, Happy

Medical: Chronic Pain, Aches, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia, Appetite Loss, Stress, Migraines


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