Ice Cream Cake

75/25 Indica Hybrid

Next runner-up after our shipment of the rare Orangeade is Ice Cream Cake!   A cross between Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake has given us this powerful indica treasure.  Though it may not be as sweet as it's real life baking counter-part, Ice Cream Cake is every bit as complex.  It has been named due to it's intricate layers of flavours and scents that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing straight to attention!

24%+ THC - Nighttime Strain

Ice Cream Cake will stimulate all your senses.  One look is all you'll need to know exactly what you are getting into.  All 24%+ THC.  This power-house is CAKED with matured trichromes.  The growers know what they are doing and it shows in every aspect of Ice Cream Cake.  It's aroma is extremely sharp and potent.  A mix of very pungent earth, creaminess, sharp pine, and a hint of citrus will beckon you to roll it up.   The smoke is clean and white, just the way we like it.  With it's effects being just as vibrant as it's smell, we were very tempted to keep this one to ourselves, but the world must know!

Fun to smoke and you can relax knowing such a powerful strain lives up to it's reputation.  Ice Cream Cake is a great option for those needing something more powerful to relax and minimize pain and aches with.  Expect strong cerebral effects to begin with.  It's sedating physical high creeps in slowly thereafter so be careful (unless you want to sleep)!

- Additional Information -

Flavors: Pungent, Earth, Sharp, Pine, Citrus, Cream

Effects: Uplifting, Sedating, Relaxed, Tired, Sleepy

Medical: Stress, Pain, Aches, Insomnia