Killer Punch

70/30 Sativa Hybrid

Give em the ol' One-Two!  Killer Punch is coming at Phatnug and it has got a mean... Well, punch!  Though this strain may sound like a scary indica, it is actually quite a gentle sativa strain.  In fact, it is more of a fruit punch kind of drink than a physical punch!  Start your day off right with just a few tokes of this tasty bud.  Only available for a limited-time!

Not too much is known about the history of how the Killer Punch strain came to be.  Speculations point towards the crossing of Killer Queen with Fruit Punch to create what we have here today.

We just cannot get enough of the sweet and fruity aroma that oozes out from Killer Punch!  It is good enough to knock you out!  Not too strong, but just enough that we keep on opening up that baggie.  The well trimmed, mossy green nugs are heavy, dense, and are home to many beautiful brown hairs.  Killer Rocks sounds like a more appropriate name, but that's just us.

21% THC - Daytime Strain

Killer Punch makes weight at a perfect 21% THC rating.  Morning or afternoon usage of this strain is ideal.  Users who dare to take it's hit will be met with an uplifting euphoria, which slowly cranks up towards a happy and energetic experience.  You may also feel unusually motivated to get things done or even a bit.. Frisky..  If you are a sativa enthusiast, this one is definitely for you!

Users that are interested in smoking Killer Punch for medicinal benefits will find that it will help with symtoms of fatigue, stress, depression, and pain.  This fruity bud is not quite the "Killer" that we first thought it was.  Grab yours today!

- Additional Information -

Flavours: Sweet, Fruity, Earthy

Effects: Cerebral, Uplifting, Euphoric, Happy, Aroused, Motivated

Medical: Stress, Depression, Lethargy, Fatigue, Pain, Aches, ADHD


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