Kootenay Labs – Lunar Relief Tinctures

20:1 CBD / THC

Kootenay Labs is back again with something for the CBD lovers!  Introducing their line of CBD/THC Lunar Relief Tinctures!  These pretty little things are filled to the brim with CBD.  Each tincture also includes a small amount of THC to assist further with your pain management routine.  Kootenay Labs have proven themselves as a very capable producer of high quality cannabis products.  We have every bit of faith that the Lunar Relief Tinctures will truly be able to help those who need it.

600mg CBD : 30mg THC

Lunar Relief Tinctures are meant to be used on a monthly basis.  Specifically designed to assist women with menstrual aches and pains.  That does not mean that you cannot use it if you do not fit the bill, however.  These sleekly designed, and carefully crafted (with love) tinctures will easily excel with regular use for both medicinal and general wellness purposes!  This is due to the fact that it has a great concentration of CBD to THC (20:1)!  Also great for existential crises!  Pick yours up today!

- Additional Information -

Kootenay Labs - Lunar Relief Tinctures 20:1 CBD/THC - 30ml

  • 600mg CBD / 30mg THC
  • Contains 20mg CBD / 1mg THC per drop

Directions: Shake well.  Take 2-10 drops or more as needed.  Tolerance may vary

Ingredients: Organic MCT, THC Distillate, CBD Distillate, Cramp Bark, Skullcap, Wild Yam, Natural Flavours


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