Lemon Meringue

Creamy delights with a delectable lemony kick.  Is there a more perfect fusion of flavours that can compare?  Well, of course there isn't..  Lemon Meringue is whipping into the fray with all it's glory!  Bred from the creative guys over at Exotic Genetix, this zesty sativa treat showcases all the best qualities of it's parentage - Lemon Skunk and the ever delicious Cookies and Cream.  The resulting creation is as much of a pleasure to look at as it is to smoke!

Lemon Meringue is easily distinguished by it's larger than normal buds and their elongated, spherical shapes.  The lightly packed, bright olive green nugs are pleasantly complimented by furled yellow pistils that peek out in between every crevice.  Like icing on a cake, frosty trichromes are abundantly drizzled on top to complete this ideal dessert.  Were still talking about cannabis right?  An initial scent test will indicate strong hints of citrus, followed by a bold and fruity undertone.  Take care on the inhale though, it may get a bit rough!

This sativa snack combines a happy and euphoric effect with an all encompassing focus at the same time.  A satisfying 23% of THC make for an excellent day-time experience.  Even the medicinal properties bring value to those who are combating various physical and psychological ailments.  Lemon Meringue helps to alleviate stress, depression, aches, paranoia, and chronic pains.  A very fun strain to smoke!  We highly recommend sharing it with your friends.  Care for a slice?

Flavours: Lemon, Fruity, Creamy

Effects: Euphoric, Uplifting, Creative, Focused

Medical: Depression, Stress, Aches, Pain, Paranoia


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