Malibu Pie

70/30 Indica Hybrid

Malibu Pie is bringing you a taste of the tropics with every puff!  This mouth-watering strain is known for it's delicious and fruity flavour profile and is an excellent choice for those looking to ride the train to chill-out station.

This surprisingly indica dominant hybrid is a cross between Key Lime Pie & Alien Rift.  We can definitely see (smell) where Malibu Pie receives it's enticing aroma from.  The combination of sweet floral and fruity hits coupled with notes of lemon lime, and earth is an absolute blast to sniff!

The nugs of Malibu Pie are unique in appearance.  Beautifully trimmed and it is not the usual green that you would expect to find.  Instead, the nugs appear as a shade of pale olive green.   Dotted along each of the buds are specks of brown pistils which make for a beautiful contrast as a whole.  How could we forget?  The amount of white trichromes all around each nugget is immense!  We cannot get enough of the looks here!!

19% THC - All Day Strain

Once you have been properly acquainted with this delicious wonder, it's time to get to smoking!  Malibu Pie sits at a comfortable 19% THC level.  Not overly powerful but strong enough to bring about a VERY good time.

Upon exhale, a blanketing relaxation will envelope both your mind and body.  The tingles could be very real for some but is quick to fade away just as a sense of tranquility takes over.  The effects are quite cerebral for being a mostly indica strain.  But that is not to understate the deep physical experience that is a constant throughout the smoking experience.

For the users looking to treat conditions such as pain, fatigue, insomnia, spasms, or cramps, Malibu Pie may serve as a great choice due to it's sedating effects.  As with most cannabis strains, stress, depression, and anxiety are also easily addressed when smoking.

Whatever your reason for choosing Malibu Pie, you will be guaranteed a great time!  Now, get to smokin' !

- Additional Information -

Flavors: Sweet, Lemon, Lime, Earth, Fruity

Effects: Relaxed, Buzzed, Sleepy, Happy, Focused

Medical: Pain, Cramps, Fatigue, Insomnia, Spasms, Stress