OG Alto Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks have quickly become all the hype, especially for seasoned veterans of cannabis looking for the thing that will excite them like it once did.  Although not exactly known traditionally as any cannabis strain, Moon Rocks are the result of the ingenuity that happens in the "green" industries – there was a time, long long ago, strawberry jam and peanut butter were living their lives, never knowing one another existed, until a mad-man decided to mix them together. Nobody has been the same ever since.  Crazy right?  This is the same sort of mixture that Moon Rocks are, artistic cannabis if you will.

Moon Rocks are comprised of many different ingredients.  This specific one is started with nuggets of OG Kush which are then soaked in afghan hash oil and finally rolled into a layer of kief (shake).  You'll have to try it yourself to be a believer.  Check them out while they're here!


Each jar contains 3.5g of OG Kush Moonrocks.


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