MushMood – Psilocybin Capsules 333mg (4g)

MushMood Capsules

After Years of extensive weekends of camping, dancing, hiking, swimming, Djing and laughing uncontrollably with friends. We came up with several mushroom formulas to suit our desired mood. We now cultivate our own psilocybin mushrooms to provide the purest and most potent experiences we desired. We now present to you years of collective experience, in a neat and tidy package of 12 MushMood Capsules. Pick the one that suits your Mood and activity this weekend. Currently available in 3 Distinct Moods:

Giggles Sitting around a camp fire watching the day fade away behind the mountains, telling stories late into the night and laughing till your stomach hurts with your best friends.

Enlighten Long walks in the forest, intimate time with lovers, deepen your experience, bask in the connection to source.

Euphoria Lights, Music, Action, Imagine flowing to your favourite groove, dancing the night away, surrounded by sompsychedelice of your newest and oldest friends.


MushMood Quality

All our mushrooms our grown in our fully organic garden, zero pesticides or fungicides are used during our cultivation. Each crop is meticulously planted, watered, fanned, picked and dried to provide the best psychedelic mushroom you will ever experience.

-Experience directions-

MushMood Mushroom Capsules

Each package contains: 12 Capsules with 333mg (4g) of our proprietary blend of 3-4 different strains of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, wrapped in a gelatine capsule (gelatine, water)

1 capsule (333mg) ; provides energy and focus

3 capsules (1g) ; getting warmer, good for most users and recommended for 1st time psilocybin users, a pleasant and light experience

6-9 capsules (2-3g); locked and loaded, get the full experience, suggested for experienced trippers, can be life changing