50/50 Pure Hybrid

Blasting off with the Nebula strain!  This star struck beauty may not contain clouds of gas and dust as it's name would suggest.  But rather, it does a wonderful job of clearing up the clouds of gas and dust within your mind!  Prepare yourself for a soothing smoking experience unlike any other.  Perfect for making those rainy days fill up with sunshine.

Nebula is a hybrid strain that presents itself with shades of pale green and LOADS of orange pistils.  The nugs remind us of our favourite Alice in Wonderland strain, only more compact.  Where Nebula starts to get interesting though, would be the wonderful scents which emanate from it's buds.  Full-bodied scents of sweet berries mixed with sharp skunk really gets the imagination running with happy thoughts!

18% THC - All Day Strain

What really sets the Nebula strain apart from the pack would have to be it's "smooth as ice" smoking experience.  Both the indica and sativa effects shine brightly during the high.  An energetic euphoria sets the stage which leads into a hyper focused and creative state of mind.  As time passes, the high transitions over to a calming and relaxing landing.  Feelings of happiness are also apparent throughout this whole experience.  These effects make for a fun smoke and will definitely cement Nebula as one of those strains that you look for first everytime!

Users looking for information on the medical usage of Nebula will be pleased to know that it is great for treating a myriad of symptoms.  Chief among them would be symptoms of depression, lethargy, insomnia, and ADHD.  Due to the wide effects of Nebula, it may also be used to chronic pains, migraines, inflammation, and stress.  So strap up your space-suit because you're going on a trip.  T-Minus 3...2...

- Additional Information -

Flavours: Berry, Sweet, Skunk

Effects: Happy, Euphoria, Energetic, Focused, Creative, Relaxed

Medical: Depression, Stress, Lethargy, Insomnia, ADHD, Pain, Migraines, Inflammation


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