Nelson Pink

60/40 Sativa Hybrid

Nelson Pink is a sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between Willie Nelson and another unknown strain.   An interesting little tidbit about Willie Nelson (the strain!) is that it was claimed to have been bred with the purpose of providing creative sparks to the famous singer of the same name!  If only we could ask him about it ourselves..  But!  We can only imagine that those who bred Nelson Pink wanted to up the ante on the creative front because it really shows in it's effects.

As far as sativa effects go, Nelson Pink proves itself to be quite the winner on more fronts than one.  Boosts to creativity are also compounded with raises in mood levels, energy, and a feeling of euphoria.  These effects make this strain ideal for work, chores, and socializing!  Nelson Pink has a leafy appearance and also a fine, crispy trimmed finish.  Yellow and orange hairs accent the pleasant lime green colourings of the bud.  The flavours are smooth and creamy to the toke, just the way we like it.

20% THC - All Day Strain

Medically speaking, Nelson Pink can be chosen for it's effective treatment of anxiety, depression, and also lessen the tensions caused by daily stresses.  A morning smoke through and through.  Start your day the right way with some leafy greens!

- Additional Information -

Flavors: Floral, Creamy, Earthy

Effects: Creative, Happy, Energetic, Euhporia

Medical: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Lethargy


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