Pine Cone

70/30 Sativa Hybrid

Pine Cone bounces into the fray!  This sativa-dominant hybrid will help you get in touch with good ol' Mother Nature.  This strain finds it's lineage from the breeding of Cinex and Blue Tahoe.  Although these two are not widely recognized, their offspring serves as an indicator that the aforementioned strains are quite unique.  There is definitely more going on behind the scenes of Pine Cone than meets the eye.

Upon the opening of your baggie, you'll be met unsurprisingly with whiffs of pine, wood, and earth. Peeking out in between it's bulbous leaves are the hints of orange hairs and crystal trichromes.  It is almost like holding a miniature forest in the palm of your hands.  Though it may not be the most pungent of strains, smells can be deceiving!

~18% THC - Daytime Strain

Pine Cone sits at around 16% THC which makes it perfect for those that are looking to get the right start to their day, during afternoon tea-time, or when doing creative work!  Patients who are looking to treat symptoms of depression, stress, and fatigue will find that this strain will deliver on all fronts!  Pine Cones! get your Pine Cones here!

- Additional Information -

Flavours: Woody, Pine, Earthy

Effects: Creative, Happy, Tingly, Euphoric, Focused

Medical: Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Inflammation, Pain