Red Lebanese Hash

Lebanese Imported Hashish

Here comes another fresh import!  Red Lebanese Hash!  The middle-eastern regions have consistently been able to create the highest quality cannabis concentrates for generations now.  Making hashish is a way-of-life and an art-form that the locals take very seriously and continue to advance everyday.  It is quite safe to say that they know a thing or two about premium hash!

"Red Lebanese Hash is certainly one of the most exotic..."

This batch is much more firm than what is normally expected from products originating from this region.  Nevertheless, it will not disappoint!  The spicy scents that emanates from it are very pronounced and noticeable.  Red Lebanese Hash leans more towards a cerebral experience, though like most hash, it is very capable of providing users with a stoned body high as well.  It may not be regarded as the strongest hash on the market, but Red Lebanese Hash is certainly one of the most exotic!  We highly recommend adding this hash into your joints instead of dabbing.  Who needs to travel anymore?!  Let the travel come to your doorstep!

- Additional Information -

Smell: Very Spicy, Herbal

Taste: Spicy, Herbal

Consistency: Quite Hard

Effect: Strong Cerebral, Body, Relaxation