Red Star Hash

Lebanese Imported Hashish

Red Star Hash is another Lebanese import that is eager to please!  This spicy slab could be mistaken for a Moroccan blonde hash, but that is far from the truth.  It is actually more green than blonde!  A Middle-Eastern gem through and through.  The one thing that we love about imports from different parts of the world are the complete differences in taste that the locals prefer.  Smoking this import is truly akin to experiencing a new culture!

"Red Star Hash makes for the perfect addition to any evening relaxation routine..."

There is something very exotic and different with the Lebanese imports and we are big fans!  The aroma is not as spicy compared to the Red Lebanese Hash, but it's herbal smell is much more apparent.  The consistency  is quite hard but that makes it easy to work into joints and the like.  Balanced in it's cerebral and body buzz.  Red Star Hash makes for a truly spicy addition to any evening routine!

- Additional Information -

Smell: Very Spicy, Herbal

Taste: Spicy, Herbal

Consistency: Quite Hard

Effect: Cerebral, Strong Body, Relaxation