Supreme THC Vapes (1000mg)

Supreme Flavour

Hey Phatnug Family, check out this cool little gadget!  Supreme branded THC Vapes !  These flashy vapes are more than just the brand that they are based off of.  Supreme THC Vapes stand out within a market that is filled with endless choices of different vapes.  Looking good is one thing, but the smoking experience is what we are after, and these guys do deliver on that front as well.

Look Good, Smoke Better

Supreme THC Vapes are very tasty, gone are the days of natural terpene flavours.  As much as we enjoy them, there is just something satisfying about smoking a vape that tastes like fresh fruits.  Being able to bring you to your happy-place is just the cherry on top.  Each Supreme THC Vape vapes come jam packed with 1g worth of THC distillate and all sealed within it's drippy packaging.  As well, there are no added PG or VG so you know that you are getting your penny's worth.  So put on your best pair of kicks, and rock that look, stud.

- Additional Information -

  • 1000mg THC Distillate per vape pen
  • *No external battery required* -  USB Charger can be found by unscrewing the BASE (not the tip where you pull from)


  • Blueberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Grape
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon