Sweet Skunk

50/50 Pure Hybrid

What's that smell?  It's Sweet Skunk of course!  This perfectly balanced hybrid is a cross between the ever reliable, Northern Lights and Skunk.  Sweet Skunk is not be to confused with it's well known counterpart, Sweet Island Skunk.  They are completely different but both are absolute beauties to smoke!  An added bonus of being our new $99/oz strain makes Sweet Skunk worthy of checking out!

It is a good thing that strain names are used as a loose reference for their most prominent traits that the growers want to emphasize.  Strains such as Sweet Skunk may not be as popular if it actually smelled of sweet skunk spray...  With that being said, Sweet Skunk is actually quite pleasant to the nose!  The normally pungent skunk aroma is lighter than it would normally be.  A tinge of sweetness is mixed in as well as a hint of earthiness.  The buds themselves are long, thin, and bumpy, much like jalapeno peppers!  Speaking of which, the matured trichromes on Sweet Skunk are peppered all around the nugs.  The olive green colours are complimented with yellowish-orange hairs.

18% - 20% All Day Strain

Sweet Skunk is a very balanced hybrid like mentioned earlier.  This strain weighs in at a respectable 18%-20% of THC on average.  The onset of the effects are noticeable with a surge of euphoria, leading to both creative and happy energies.  These effects could be over-bearing for some users which may cause some anxiety, so be careful!  Sweet Skunk will be able to help patients who are looking to treat conditions such as pain, stress, headaches, insomnia, and depression.  So sit back, take a whiff, take a toke and enjoy!

- Additional Information -

Flavors: Skunk, Sweet, Earthy, Flower

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Creative, Relaxed, Sleepy

Medical: Pain, Stress, Headaches, Insomnia, Depression



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