Taste Bud’s – Buzzed Brownies (1000mg)

We heard you like THC brownies.  We've got them!  If you are a fan of potent edibles then this is the treat for you!  Introducing Taste Bud's line of Dr. Bang's Buzzed Brownies, these babies are packed with 1000mg of pure, full spectrum, THC cannabis extract and let us tell you, they pack a real punch!  Buzzed Brownies are perfect for unwinding after a long day's work, or to share among friends.  For some, they serve to provide much more than just a simple buzz.  If we could rename them, "Stoned Brownies" would be more appropriate, but who are we to judge.  Go ahead, break a piece off from these Buzzed Brownies and prepare to head off into space.  As with all edibles of this potency, we highly recommend exercising caution.  Start off slowly.

Additional Information:

*May contain traces of nuts*

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CO2 Cannabis Extract, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Butter, Eggs, Flour, Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Baking Powder, Skor Bits


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