Tom Ford Pink

Tom Ford Pink, also known as Tom Ford Pink Kush (TFPK) is here for a limited time!  We love finding and sharing unique cannabis strains and this is just one of many to come!  An indica dominant hybrid, this powerhouse is no joke when it comes to it's strong sedating effects.

Get ready to be greeted by one of the nicest looking nugs we have seen.  A true indica appearance - frizzled, twisted, dark, and sparkling.  Tom Ford Pink will not disappoint in the looks department!  The buds themselves range from being small to large in size.  Packed tightly and filled to the brim with crystally trichromes.  This batch delivers different shades of green and purple as well as vivid orange hairs.  A very delicious looking strain!  The aroma adds to the hunger with intoxicating earthiness, kush, wood, and true pink nose.

We love strong indicas and Pinks.  Who doesn't?  Tom Ford Pink is a beast!  The effects are long-lasting and hard-hitting.  Heavily sedating and euphoric are the highlights of the high.  With a THC value in the low 20%, we can see exactly why this strain is perfect for use during nighttime.  Patients who are looking for something a little stronger will find this strain of great use.  Tom Ford Pink will help to easily manage symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, and appetite loss.  Jump on it while it is here!

Flavors: Earthy, Woody, Pungent

Effects: Relaxed, Hungry, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy

Medical: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Pain, Depression, Insomnia



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