True Blue Hash

Domestic Hashish

True Blue Hash is truly a breath of fresh air.  This fruity hash is the perfect inclusion to our growing collection of imports!  Created right here in North America, we cannot wait for you to try it!

"Delightfully sweet and fragrant..."

You will notice very quickly that this hash smells different compared to the others.  True Blue Hash is delightfully sweet and fragrant, and smells of blueberry.  As well, it smokes smoothly onto your palette.  Users smoking this blue hash will notice an uplifting experience coupled with a powerful relaxation.  A very fun hash no matter what your history is!  No, it will not turn your face blue!

- Additional Information -

Smell: Sweet, Floral, Fragrant, Fruity

Taste: Smooth, Mild, Sweet

Consistency: Soft and Malleable

Effect: Cerebral, Strong Body, Relaxation, Uplifting, Happy