Viridesco Premium 2ml RSO – Powered by the Patron Dispenser

Viridesco  – Pink Kush / Blue Rhino 60% Indica RSO oil that has been independently tested at Anandia labs at 66.76% THC.

1336mg of THC per 2mL cartridge.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Say hello to our little friend: Viridesco Premium RSO. Made from a combination of Pink Kush / Blue Rhino, this is a 60% Indica RSO oil that has been independently tested at Anandia labs at 66.76% THC aka 1336mg of THC per 2mL cartridge. BOOM! Sieze the day with this premium RSO, offering up a potent buzz that is both euphoric and relaxing. Ideal for patients looking for relief from chronic illness and pain.

The ‘Pink Kush / Blue Rhino’ Oil is made from equal parts Pink Kush and Blue Rhino. The product was grown and produced on Vancouver Island, B.C. The producer finished the product using digital agitating hotplates creating a good quality ‘Phoenix Tear’. The resin is harvested with a frozen alcohol wash which is filtered by activated charcoal. The solution is finished with care using mild heat and agitation, the RSO method!

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