White Label – Tinctures (1000mg)

Tinctures?  Yes please!  Introducing the all new, White Label Tinctures.  Available in a wide array of varying strengths and base ingredients.  There is truly something for everyone!  White Label Tinctures are STRONG.  This relatively unknown company really came out to play ball.  We were taken by surprise from just how potent these tinctures were.  We are very excited for you to try them!

As mentioned above, White Label Tinctures come in many different styles.  First off, we have the familiar MCT Oil variant which are available in both THC & CBD form.  The THC tincture is made with 100% cannabis distillates.  The CBD bottle is made with 100% CBD isolate!  Having such pure base ingredients in the tinctures will result in very quick absorption into the bloodstream.

If you are a fan of benefiting from CBD and also want to experience some more cerebral effects, then the 1:1 THC/CBD variant is for you!  Each bottle is carefully crafted with both CBD isolate & THC distillate.  Were talking a whopping 507.5mg of CBD & THC ready to be enjoyed!

Finally, we have probably some of the most potent tinctures we have ever laid eyes on.  The Hash Tincture.  These guys are pure, unadulterated, THC monsters!  1200mg of THC per bottle! Wow!! Check them out before they are gone!  More information will be available below.

Please exercise caution when attempting to medicate with these tinctures!!

Additional Information:

THC MCT Tincture - 30mL - 1015mg THC - 1mL = ~35mg of THC

CBD MCT  Tincture - 30mL - 1015mg CBD - 1mL = ~35mg of CBD

CBD / THC Tincture - 30mL - 1015mg CBD/THC (507.5mg CBD / 507.5mg THC) - 1mL = ~17mg of CBD/THC

Hash Tincture - 30mL - 1200mg THC - 1mL = ~40mg of THC

Hash Tincture Flavours:

- Apple Cake Batter

- Blueberry Cake Batter

- Cherry Cake Batter

- Cookies & Cream

- Grape

- Watermelon


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Had two full droppers in one sitting and passed out. Good if you want that strong UMPH in your day