Willy Wonka

70/30 Sativa Hybrid

Willy Wonka is prancing onto Phatnug!  Step into a world of pure imagination with this sativa hybrid!  Mr. Wonka is an active strain and a great choice for daytime usage.  It is crossed between America's country star strain, Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth.

The aroma and flavours of Willy Wonka are almost as wonky as it's name would suggest.  Though luckily, it is nothing too out of this world.  Candy-like scents with a hint of pine and vanilla make up most of it's aroma.  These smells come together and form a sharp sweetness worthy of any chocolate factories.  The buds themselves are riddled with orange hairs, making it hard to tell whether it should be classified as an orange bud or a green one!

21% THC - Daytime Strain

Willy Wonka sits at a comfortable 21% THC rating.  It makes for a good option to use during the morning to wake you up, or throughout your day.  The experience hits the right spots both mentally and physically, which includes a deep relaxing of the muscles, and surge in creativity & focus.  With that in mind, Willy Wonka could easily be used as an everyday smoke.

Due to the nature of it's effects.  Willy Wonka prides itself as a viable option for dealing with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.  It's effects do seem to differ form person to person though, so medical usages for this sativa strain may vary.  Whatever the case may be, Willy Wonka (the strain) can be seen as the "Golden Ticket" for some patients!  Grab yours today for only $99/oz!  Good day to you!

- Additional Information -

Flavours: Sweet, Pine, Vanilla

Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Focused, Relaxed, Sociable

Medical: ADHD, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia

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