Cannabis flowers can be divided broadly into three categories. Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica. Each of these categories produces their own unique effect upon an individual. Sativa ‘highs’ often affect the mind.

This kind of effect make Sativa strains very useful for patients who are dealing with both mental and physical symptoms or those who are looking to have fun!  Many different unique strains exist today. Here are a few great qualities that one can expect from this type of cannabis:

– Appearance – Lighter shades of green and yellow.  Accompanied with brightly coloured hairs.

– Smell – The aoma of Sativa strains are sweet, citrus, fruity, earthy, woody, herbally, flowery, cheesy, tropical.

– Effect – Typically mind inducing effects. Happy, energetic, creative, focused, aroused, talkative, uplifted, giggly.

We must always keep in mind that effects, appearance, and smell vary greatly from strain to strain. Some Sativa strains will even exhibit Indica qualities! You can use these guidelines as general information to help influence your decision. Enjoy cannabis!

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